1 October 2014

Hello, Addie!

Hi, my name is Addie K Martin. I’m a writer, editor, and virtual assistant from New Orleans, but I’m currently traveling the world, slowly but surely. My husband Jeremy and I co-own Culture Curious, LLC, a collection of websites that use curiosity as the starting point to explore places, culture, peaceful living, and life’s many adventures.

Culture Curious publishes:

  • Culture Curious – our “travel site” – places + the cultures that call them home
  • Culicurious – our “food blog” – explores cultures + places via sandwich recipes
  • AddieKMartin.me – my blog (essays on peaceful living, mostly)
  • Restless Lens – Jeremy’s blog (essays, poetry, word sketches)

Best ways to contact me:

Feel free to contact me via email or any of these social channels

"Only when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live." Dorothy Thompson


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