Hello Jeremy


Hello! My name is Jeremy, and I am a writer and wanderer who tends to find himself in New Orleans more often than anywhere else, but I’m not really the kind of person who relishes staying put for long. I write fiction, essays, and poetry; really anything I need to write to get my ideas across. Writing, like traveling, is an adventure of exploration. I am part owner of Culture Curious, LLC, a collection of websites that explore different aspects of culture. Connect with me below!



Me, Online

The Restless Lens Blog – My very own website.  You are hereish.

Culture Curious – My wife I run this site, which focuses on travel and culture.

Photo Journal – Day to day stuff in stream and collection form. On VSCO

Social Media

(If you’re in to that. I used to be. Not so much these days.)

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Please feel free to contact me by email.

For information about how Culture Curious, LLC can work with you, please email jeremy@culturecurious.net

For all other inquiries, please email jeremy@restlesslens.me

You can also message me using Telegram