Hello World!

Wait, no, that’s not nearly enthusiastic enough.

Well hello there, you bright and beautiful world!

Better. Now that’s the first line of an inaugural blog post.

Welcome to Culture Curious,  a production of Addie K Martin of culicurious and Jeremy Martin (her previously unheard of husband).  With the launch of this site, we are officially joining the crowded world of travel blogging. As you can see if you click the Places link, we have racked up a decent (but still modest) list of destinations and, lucky for you and us, this is just the beginning.  But the point of this site is that travel is more than just ticking destinations off of a list, or putting pins in a map.

Travel is obviously about going to new places, but once arriving, the relocated have a choice: they can remain within the comfortable bubble of their culture and merely observe new landscapes, or they can step outside of that bubble and experience new people and cultures.  We are the latter type of travelers.  Or at least we try to be.  We are interested not only in the landscapes but the cultures of human beings that inhabit and give life and meaning to those landscapes.  We are culture curious.

So what is the plan?  For now, we are going to start by filling in the last 13 years or so of our adventures.  Slowly but surely we will bring you our experiences from all over the globe (Turkey, India, Morocco, Europe!) in four different areas of emphasis: things we Do, See, Eat and Speak.

-What we Do will cover the nuts and bolts of our travel.  Where we actually go, and how we get there, the experience of the journey.

-What we See will cover the sense experience of travel.  What it is actually like to stand in front of that postcard shot you’ve seen a thousand times.

-What we Eat will show how we experience different cultures through their food.

-What we Speak will include anything and everything we want to tell you, the reader about our journeys.

In the coming years there is much (much, much) more to come.  We have some big plans in store and we’re excited to one day share them with you.  But until then, please visit regularly for an open and honest look into the lives of two people being inexorably pulled out from their comfortable lives and pushed in to the wider world.

Thanks! We’ll see you out there in the colorful world!