1 June 2016

Shucks Restaurant


It’s said that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing and in our experience, that’s certainly true. Word of mouth is actually the only way we’ve ever heard of Shucks Restaurant in Abbeville, Louisiana. While researching for our book on Southeast Louisiana foodways, several people we interviewed told us about Shucks. Well, not so much told us but extolled the pleasure of having a meal at Shucks. Naturally, we were curious.

Earlier this year, we headed off for a day in Cajun Country. Our destination was Avery Island, home of the famed Tabasco brand hot sauce. While there, we chose to explore the grounds and the gardens rather than taking the factory tour of the Tabasco plant, which we hear is also worth the trip. Since we’d already made the trek all the way westward along the wide stretches of Highway 90, we figured we’d make the most of our time out there. If you’re familiar with the geography of South Louisiana, you know that Abbeville is actually not at all on the way to Avery Island. But we’d heard so much about Shuck’s that we went the extra 20-minutes to check it out for ourselves. Of course, it was worth the drive.

Shuck's Restaurant in Abbeville, LA

We visited on a Saturday afternoon in late February. Shucks was still busy from their lunch rush, but since there were only two of us, we sat at the bar. The best part about sitting at the bar is that you get seated and served promptly, even when the place is busy. As per our usual at a seafood restaurant, we split a seafood platter and Jeremy got a cup of seafood gumbo. The food was tasty, fresh, and expertly fried. The cooks at Shucks are well-experienced, and it comes through via the quality of the food served.

Shuck's Restaurant in Abbeville, LA

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Abbeville, Louisiana and are looking for outstanding seafood, visit Shucks. It’s a family-owned establishment that’s casual and friendly. The food and service are just what you’d expect from such a place. Getting off of the beaten path and treating yourself to a meal at Shucks is exactly what visiting south Louisiana is all about. Get you some — c’est bon!