We believe that it’s vital to donate to people in need and causes that reflect our values because it’s up to people like us who have the means to help lift up those who do not. We’ve been the recipients of investment and support over the years, and we give openly to those in need, in return. Our philanthropic giving falls into these categories:


Here we’re germinating seeds that have the potential to be something significant. We’re always looking for great ideas and cool people to support. In this category, we fund things like art/artists, start-up conferences, music festivals, interesting projects, or a small company’s growth. In essence, we’re looking to help people make their dreams come true, mainly in the fields of artistic expression.

Who we’ve supported: Fryday I’m in Love by James Cullen, Site Specific Camera DocumentaryMarigny Social ClubJerry James Stone’s “Holidazed” book, “Reckon,” a street mural by Jack Niven, Radiotopia, Pursuit Creative Conference, North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, The University of Mississippi Foundation’s John Egerton Prize for Southern Foodways, Brooklyn Music School, Teen Tech Day, Girls on the Run, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Nerd Nite NOLA, Jerry James Stone’s “Made with Coffee” cookbook

Conservation / Preservation

The idea here is to preserve what we have for future generations. In this category we mainly support the arts, museums, and park conservation groups. We’re dedicated to making sure that what we have today is around for those who come after us.

Who we’ve supported: NOLA Hip-hop Archive, The Historic New Orleans Collection, WWOZ-FM, Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans, Friends of City Park New Orleans, Southern Foodways Alliance, Southern Food and Beverage Museum/National Food & Beverage Foundation, Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, Slow Food USA, WWNO-FM, BirdNote, Wikimedia Foundation

Alleviating Suffering

This is where we aim to reduce hardship on those who experience hardship. The breadth of this category is wide because suffering takes many forms around the world.

Who we’ve supported: Lighten the Load of Syrian Mothers, Sarus Exchange Program, Second Harvest Food Bank, Engineers Without Borders USA, Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, Dress for Success – New Orleans, Paws for Purple Hearts, Habitat for Humanity, Tap Cancer Out, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center, Louisiana SPCA, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Kiva loans, United Way of Southeast LouisianaYouth Empowerment Project, Hogs for the Cause, St Jude’s Research Hospital